How Can I Help Project Robby

The number one question we receive is:

How can I help Project Robby?

Here are a few suggestions for those wanting to help!

Crochet, knit or sew itty bitty hats, blankets, and/or angel wings- We send out Keepsake Sets that range from 4 weeks gestation to full term, and Bereavement Sets that range from 14 weeks gestation through full term. Each set includes a hat, blanket, and set of angel wings. We are so thankful for all of our amazing volunteers!  Here are some helpful links if you are looking to start crocheting/knitting/sewing for us!

We have a page where we try to keep a current list of our needs, and you can find it HERE

Angel wing patterns

Hat Patterns

Select Project Robby as your Amazon Smile Charity– Amazon donates .05% of qualifying purchases to Project Robby if you select us as your charity of choice. All you have to do is start by going to!

Shop our Amazon list for supplies– Do you love to shop? We have an Amazon list that lists our frequently used supplies! You can find our Amazon shopping list HERE


Pray for families receiving Project Robby Keepsake and Bereavement Sets- The families who are receiving these sets have just lost a child. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


Like, Comment, or Share our posts on Facebook- When you interact with us on Facebook, our posts will show up in your friend’s newsfeeds, which means that we are able to reach more people! Even just clicking our posts helps to spread the word about Project Robby. 


Participate in Fundraisers- By participating in fundraisers, you help us raise the funds to continue to ship out Project Robby Keepsake Sets and Bereavement Sets. We host two main fundraisers a year; however, this year we have a few extra special fun things up our sleeves! 


Sign up for our newsletter & email updates- Signing up for our newsletter helps to keep you in the know on the happenings at Project Robby! We send out a newsletter each month, and when we have some big news we send it out as an email as well! Sign up for our newsletter HERE


PayPal Donations- We always accept and appreciate donations. We are a 501c3, which means that all donations are tax deductible. We run on donations, and 100% of the donations go back into Project Robby to help fund pamphlets, shipping boxes, shipping materials, and shipping expenses. You can donate HERE
Facebook Fundraisers- Facebook now has the option to start a fundraiser for non profit organizations! We have had several people donate their birthdays to Project Robby in order to help raise money! We are so thankful to everyone who has done this! If you choose to do this, please let us know! Facebook does not give us any information about who has donated through their fundraising option, which means we do not know who to thank.

We are so thankful to everyone who supports Project Robby! You are the reason why we are able to continue our mission of Helping Families with Angel Babies. ♥