Angel Wing Drive 2019

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During the month of October, we are holding our annual Angel Wing Drive!

Each of our Project Robby Keepsake Sets and Bereavement Sets are sent out with a hat, blanket, and a set of angel wings. 

We do not require any specific patterns, and we use all sizes of angel wings. However, we do ask that angel wings are all white. White ribbons are great, but not required. 

Here are some specific requirements for angel wings:

Color: All white

  • We currently have a good stock of cream/off white wings as we do not use as many of those
  • We also currently have a good stock of sparkly wings as we do not go through as many of those.

Ribbon Embellishments: If you are adding a bow to your angel wings, please use white ribbon.

Charm Embellishments: If you would like to add a charm embellishment to your wings, please keep it small and simple. We are trying to just send out the larger wings with the charm embellishment since they are not receiving a hat/blanket set with it. Bows and/or charms do not have to be added to wings. Plain wings are also greatly appreciated.

Button Embellishments: We would prefer for the wings to be plain, with a white ribbon, or with a small charm rather than a button.


One of our sweet volunteers, Katrinia, made this amazing video tutorial on how to make angel wings for Project Robby. 

Click here for the video tutorial

Angel Wings will count for the angel wing drive that are:

  • All White
  • Have a note is included in the package/box that states that it is for the October Angel Wing Drive 
  • The number of Angel Wings that are included is marked on a note in the package
  • Mailed/Postmarked during the month of October

All packages that we receive are unboxed live on our Facebook page, so make sure to watch! 

Anyone who sends in angel wings for our angel wing drive can fill out this form to be entered into a drawing. We will be giving away three Project Robby tote bags from those who send in angel wings and fill out the form! 

Mail to:

Project Robby

P.O. Box 783

Goddard, KS 67052


If you have any questions please email me at