April White Hat Drive Info

During the month of April we are having a white hat drive! We like to keep a decent amount of plain white hats in stock and we are currently low on all sizes of plain white hats that we provide to families who have lost a baby.

  • What is Project Robby: We provide Keepsake Sets (hat,blanket, and a set of angel wings) to families who have lost a baby no matter what gestation. We send out sets to hospitals, photographers, and individuals who request them for their angel baby.
  • Sizes Needed: 4 weeks gestation- 36 weeks gestation
  • Color: All White
  • Where can you find patterns? We do *not* require any specific patterns! However, you can join our Project Robby Hat, Blanket, and Angel Wing team to see what some of our sweet volunteers are doing! You can join our private Project Robby Hat, Blanket, and Angel Wing Team group on Facebook by clicking HERE. Please answer all of the questions to be accepted into the group!
  • Where should they be sent:

Project Robby

P.O. Box 783

Goddard, KS  67052

Before you seal up your box, if you could please jot a quick note with the count of what is inside the box, then I can read that on our unboxing videos 

Only all white hats will count toward the drive totals. I have broken it down into two categories:

4-18 weeks (300 hats)


19-36 weeks (100 hats)

We tend to need the smaller sizes more often than the larger sizes so we are shooting for more of the smaller sizes.

To follow along with our total count, “like” us on Facebook by clicking HERE

Please share with your friends who crochet!

If you have anymore questions, please contact us by emailing