Common Questions and Answers

What color of blankets? 

– Any color of blankets would be wonderful! There can be designs on them, or they can be solid.

What size of blankets?

–  18″ x 26″ would be on the small end, and 28″ x 32″ would be on the large end, so anything in that range should be perfect!

What color of hats?

– Any color of hat would be perfect! Some places prefer them to be pastel colors, but I know that I would have loved a fun, bright colored hat for my precious baby boy. So, any color will be perfect!

What size of hats?

-Robby’s hat was 4″x4″, and was still plenty big on him. Anything that size and smaller would be wonderful! I really don’t think you could make a hat too small!

I am unable to sew, but I would still love to help, what can I do?

– There are a few ways that you can help if you are unable to sew hats or blankets. First, you can spread the word about Project Robby. Post on Facebook, instagram, twitter, or just tell your friends by word of mouth! Secondly, if you want to donate materials to make hats and  blankets, there are some local women who have offered to sew blankets. Thirdly, we appreciate all prayers!

Where do I send my donation of hats, blankets, or materials? 

– Amanda Smith

P.O Box 783

Goddard, KS 67052