Current Needs

Our current needs as of 02/24/2019 are:


Hats Sizes: 4-8 Weeks Gestation

In the following colors: white

For patterns and sizing, please join our private Facebook crochet group, Please answer all of the questions!

Project Robby’s Hat, Blanket, and Angel Wing Team


Angel Wings Size: 2″, 3″, and 4″

Color: White

Here are the Project Robby Angel Wings guidelines:

We ask that all angel wings be solid white
*This makes it easy to match up wings with sets

We ask that there be no tails for the 2” and 3” size angel wings
*This is the size that we include with the Keepsake Sets

We ask that the two sides of the angel wing be attached.
*It is easier for us when the wings are attached

You can find some wing patterns on our website; however, those are not the only styles of wings we accept or send out!


Color: White





Newborn Size blankets