Current Needs

Our current needs as of 11/8/2018 are:


Hats Sizes: 4-8 Weeks Gestation

In the following colors: white

To learn more about our sizing guidelines click here 


Angel Wings Size: 2″, 3″, and 4″

Color: White

Here are the Project Robby Angel Wings guidelines:

We ask that all angel wings be solid white
*This makes it easy to match up wings with sets

We ask that there be no tails for the 2” and 3” size angel wings
*This is the size that we include with the Keepsake Sets

We ask that the two sides of the angel wing be attached.
*It is easier for us when the wings are attached

You can find some wing patterns on our website; however, those are not the only styles of wings we accept or send out!

To view the pattern click here


Newborn Sized Hat/Blanket sets-

We are not in need of just newborn sized hats, but we need for them to be in sets.  Our current stock is now depleted for this size. We do not use many of this size, but we do like to have them on hand to send to hospitals.


Color: White





Newborn Size blankets