Nathaniel’s Fundraiser

It is estimated that 1 in 4 women experience pregnancy and infant loss whether it be from miscarriage, preterm loss, still birth, or infant loss. 

Studies have shown that an important part of the grief process is acknowledgement of the loss as significant. At Project Robby, it is our mission to help families of angel babies by providing them with a special keepsake in honor of their baby. 

At Project Robby, we have two programs: the Bereavement Set program and the Keepsake Set program.

Through our Bereavement Set program we provide sets (hat, blanket and angel wings) to hospitals all over the United States. We send sets ranging in sizes 14 weeks gestation through 40 weeks gestation. 

Through our Keepsake Set program, we offer Keepsake Sets to families who have lost a baby as early as 4 weeks gestation. Families can request a Keepsake Set for themselves, free of cost. 

Project Robby is a 501c3, and we are run solely on donations Project Robby is an all volunteer run non profit organization, which means that 100% of donations go directly back into Project Robby. 

What do donations go towards? 

Project Robby uses donations to purchase packaging materials such as: 

Tissue paper

Safety Pins

Poly Mailers



Note cards



The largest majority of our funds go toward sending boxes of sets to hospitals and Keepsake Sets to individuals. It cost an average of $25 to send out hospital boxes and an average of $5 to send a Keepsake Set in the United States. 

So far, in the year 2019, Project Robby has sent out about 2,715 sets to individuals and hospitals all over the United States. We currently have more than 3,000 people on our waiting list to receive a Keepsake Set plus the hospitals and OBGYN offices that we supply with sets. 

A special  note from Karin:

“As many of you know, our son Nathaniel was born prematurely and died in November 2011. Following his death I found an online group of moms who were each reeling from their own loss. I desperately needed to connect with others who were also going through something so unthinkable. Amanda was one of those moms. Although we hadn’t meet face to face, I felt an immediate connection. I knew that this mama understood my broken heart, as she was grieving the loss of her own son, Robby.

Grief can be such a lonely place. The loss of a baby is taboo in our culture, compounding that feeling of aloneness. I really believe in what Amanda and her family are doing through Project Robby. To be able to meet someone right where they are in their grief is no small thing. They offer compassion and something tangible to acknowledge that yes- your baby was here and your baby is important! Had something like this existed when we lost our son, we would’ve cherished having something to hold on to. “



To make a donation to Project Robby in honor of Nathaniel please go to the following link. Please leave a note with the donation that states that you are donating in honor of Nathaniel so that we can keep track of total donations made in his honor. 

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