Project Robby’s Pom Pom Drive 2021

We are excited to announce Project Robby’s first Pom Pom drive!

When sending out Keepsake Sets and Bereavement Sets we go through a lot of handmade pom poms! Lately, our amazing crocheters have been sending in handmade pom poms so that we can match them up and then add them to the hats that we send out. 

Since making pom poms does not require any crochet experience, I thought this would be a fun way for those who do not crochet to get involved with the process. 

How Can You Participate in the Pom Pom Drive?

  • Send in handmade pom poms to Project Robby 

How Do I Make Handmade Pom Poms? 

  • We use the Clover brand pom pom makers, but there are other brands as well! Some of the ladies even use cardboard for wrapping the yarn and making the pom poms. YouTube has a great variety of videos that you can watch.

What Size of Pom Poms

  • We truly use ALL sizes. The Clover pom pom makers start at the XS ¾” and go up to the XL 4 ½” diameter. 

What Colors?

  • White is the most used color, but other colors that we use are: baby pink, baby blue, light yellow, mint, light grey, and ivory

What kind of yarn should I use for Pom Poms

  • All brands of worsted weight (4) and smaller is what we typically use

Do you want the “tails” left on the pom poms?

Yes, please leave the 2 tails or the 4 tails for the larger pom poms as we use those to attach the pom pom to the hat

When Is the Pom Pom drive going to be hosted?

  • Now through June 20th. If your package is postmarked before June 20th it will be entered into the drawing and counted for the final total. 

Where do I send my handmade pom poms?

  • Project Robby

P.O. Box 783 

Goddard, KS 67052

We ask that you mark the outside of your package: 

Pom Pom Drive

We will have 2 drawings and 2 winners!

  1. Participation in the handmade pom pom drive. You will be entered in the first drawing if you mark on the outside of your box: Pom Pom Drive
  2. The person who sends in the most of the larger pom poms ( 3 inch and larger). To be entered for this prize, please mark somewhere on your package: Pom Pom Drive with the total number of pom poms inside as well as the number of 3 inch and larger handmade pom poms enclosed.


Pom Pom Drive

45 total 


If you would like your handmade pom poms counted toward our final total for the drive, please write the number of pom poms on the *outside* of the package beside or below Pom Pom Drive. If the package is not labeled with Pom Pom Drive and the number of handmade pom poms that are inside is not labeled on the front of the package, then the handmade pom poms will not be counted toward the final total. Pom Poms will not be unboxed live. Please make sure your first name,  last name, and return address is clearly labeled on the outside of the package. 

If your package arrives within the dates, is marked on the outside Pom Pom drive with the pom pom count(s),  and has your first/last name clearly labeled you will be entered to win the drawing for one of two $25 e-gift card to Amazon. The winner will be drawn on June 30, 2021. Make sure to follow our page as the winner will be announced on the Project Robby Facebook page. If we are not contacted by the winner within 24 hours, we will draw an alternate winner. 

How many pom poms can we raise?

Although Pom Pom Makers are not required to make handmade Pom Poms, here are some links to the pom pom makers that are used at Project Robby Headquarters:

Small Pom Pom makers that are used at Project Robby 

Assorted Sizes of Pom Pom makers used at Project Robby

Extra Large Pom Pom Makers used at Project Robby