The only thing I have of my precious angel baby, thanks to Project Robbie. I miscarried at 8 weeks and this teeny tiny hat and blanket is the only thing I have! I got the set about 4 weeks after I lost my baby and I have pulled them out many times since then!! I love that Project Robbie acknowledges all loses, no matter how early. ❤️




We lost our twin boys Tuesday. I delivered them at 18 weeks. We have had 4 babies born premature and all have spent time in the NICU. My plan is to make blankets and donate them to the NICU someday. I will add Project Robby to that list to donate to. We still have the blanket that was given to us from Project Robby but we buried them in their tiny hats.


Thank you just isn’t enough. I just received a big box of sets for using for our local hospital in loss photography. I can’t even begin to express how many families will be blessed. Thank you so much!!


Thank You so Much For the boxes~! ( I got mine today) Our families will truly appreciate them


I was at Serendipity Photography today when Gerri received your boxes for her team of photographers from NILMDTS to hand out to families suffering this enormous loss. What a wonderful gift you are giving to these families…..I just had to comment. Watch for my donation to your worthwhile cause coming in the next few days. God bless you and your efforts.


I received a huge box filled with beautiful crocheted blankets & hats all individually boxed by Project Robby. What a blessing these blankets & hats will be to families who have lost their little Angels. Thank you so much for reaching out to me.


On July 5th I gave birth to our angel Sloane Elise Schwager at only 18 weeks. While I was in labor at a hospital in Rockville, MD another mother who has an angel in heaven happened to stop by to drop off some items. The hospital didn’t have anything small enough for our daughter and this came at the perfect time. I don’t know who you are but thank you. It meant the world to us and we will pay it forward



I am a volunteer photographer for NILMDTS. I received a box of hats and blankets months ago and never needed to use them because the families I have served already had things for their baby. This week I was called to shoot a 20 week old. The nurse had a blanket but no hat. I had brought a hat and blanket with me from Project Robby and the hat fit perfectly on her little head. She looked beautiful. Thank you for providing these to our organization!