Project Robby Crochet Donations

Thank you so much for wanting to help out with Project Robby! We are so thankful for our amazing volunteers who pour their love into each of the beautiful creations that we send out. 

What crochet/knit items do you accept?

  • Hats
  • Blankets
  • Angel Wings
  • Embelishments: hearts and/or flowers
  • Embelishments: tiny bows tied out of thin ribbon
  • Handmade Pom poms

Guidelines for Angel Wings

  • We ask that angel wings be all white or all cream
  • We accept any style of angel wings and as well as all sizes
  • We ask that the wings be plain or a simple small white bow from ribbon tied on

Guidelines for Hats

  • We ask that any hats that are sent in by themselves (not part of a set) are all white. This makes the hats easier to match with blankets. 
  • We do not require specific patterns for hats, and we accept all sizes from 4 weeks gestation through 38 weeks gestation

Guidelines for Blankets

  • When sending in blankets that are not paired with a hat, we ask that the blanket have some white in it so that we can match it to a hat. 
  • We do accept all colors, but please be mindful that these blankets are for angel babies. Hospitals ask for traditional baby colors (baby blue, baby pink, lavender, mint, yellow) and most of the requests that come in by individuals are for traditional baby colors as well. 
  • We do not require any specific patterns

Guidelines for Embelishments

  • We add embellishments to hats and blankets and ask for traditional baby colors of embellishments and hearts. 

Please send items to

Project Robby 

P.O. Box 783 

Goddard, KS 67052

If sending a package via UPS please email me for an alternate address:

My husband makes one trip to the post office each week (usually Friday, depending on when he is able to take a long lunch). If your package tracks that it has been delivered, but not picked up, please know that it *will* be picked up. We have our packages at a small post office, and the postmaster personally knows us and our mission.

As of right now we are not unboxing live on our page, but hope to resume later this summer. Please make sure your name and return address are labeled clearly on your package as we do try to get thank you notes out for packages that are not unboxed live. You can also leave your email address on a note on the inside and once the package has been opened we can send you an email.

We recommend that you watch the tracking number on your package as we do not open packages as soon as they are received.

Please use this form when sending in your package. You can keep one of your own records, and send the other to us for our records.