We Will Walk 2021

We are excited to announce the details for We Will Walk 2021!

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. To help raise money for the Project Robby Headquarters Expansion fund as well as raise awareness for pregnancy and infant loss, we are offering the following during our We Will Walk 2021 campaign. 

 With each $5+ USD donation that is made, one of the Project Robby board members will walk a mile in honor of your baby. 

Last year we walked 105 miles in honor and memory of 113 angel babies.

This year our goal is to walk at least 100 miles.

The day that we walk for your baby, we will post a graphic with your baby(s) name and at the end of the month the graphic will be included in a video with all of the names being said out loud. While we walk for your baby we say their name, and we pray for you.

Here is how it will work

  • Make a donation via our PayPal donation page that can be found here. Please leave a note that the donation is for the We Will Walk campaign.
  • Fill out THIS FORM with your baby(s) information and if there is a special date during the month of October that you would like their mile walked on. I cannot guarantee that it will be available, but we will do our best! 
  • We will email you links to the social media post that is made for your angel baby(s) on the day that we walk for them.

If you would like to donate so that we walk a mile in honor of a friend/family member’s angel you can do that too! 

If you choose to have us walk in honor of a friend/family member’s angel, on the form please provide their email information if you would like for us to email them notifying them that their friend/family member had done this in honor of their angel baby.

The Project Robby board members are honored to be walking in memory of your baby because at Project Robby, we believe that no matter what gestation your baby existed,  your baby matters.

We all truly care about you and your baby.

We will walk for your baby no matter what gestation they existed because your baby matters. 

View the end of the month video from last year HERE