I Didn’t Just Lose a Pregnancy: Deanna

Deanna’s Story:

In 2015 I found out I was pregnant I was excited yet scared because it was a 9 year wait from my first child. I was planning everything in my head for work, babysitting, godparents, moving, shopping etc.

At 4 weeks I schedule my 1st Dr. appointment at 6 weeks I arrive at my visit and there he/she was on the screen what looked like a little bean it was reality, it was love! As the Dr. is looking around measuring clicking pics he says I don’t see it Nancy do you (Nancy is the Drs assistant) she says no.

He looks around more and in my head I’m like he doesn’t see what I see the baby right there. He finishes up and says ok so there is no heart beat come back in a week it maybe too small to see! Nancy says alright my dear were gonna schedule your next appointment up front but if in the next few days if you see any spotting you may be having a miscarriage so come back in or go to the ER.

At this time I’m thinking a miscarriage? What? Not me why would i? I’m young, I’m healthy! The very next day the spotting came I head to the ER have my ultrasound and get confirmation there is no heart beat. My heart was broken I was mad, hurt, confused, scared and in disbelief.

I then have to schedule for my D & C. Have a few days of spotting and pain. Then there it was at 7 weeks my Angel went with the Lord. Before this I never knew much about having a miscarriage. I never knew these kind of things happened to us. I mean I heard about it but I was blind from it.

I am now a mother of an Angel that I think about daily! That I miss dearly! I feel like I missed out on him/her! A piece of me is missing! I will never forget! I love you baby! Until we meet in Heaven, for now watch over us and have fun with Jesus!

Love Mama.

What her Project Robby Keepsake Set means to her:

Receiving the keepsake set meant everything to me! Its my go to when I’m hurting or thinking about my baby. I now have something with me that i can look at and feel at peace knowing we will meet soon!


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