I Didn’t Just Lose a Pregnancy: KayCee

KayCee’s Story

A year and a half ago we lost our baby. His due date was November 18th, which is right around the corner. We went in for our 10 week ultrasound at 9 weeks 4 days, to find our baby didn’t have a heart beat and was only measuring 5-6 weeks. I opted out of a d&c, and 2 weeks later lost our baby.. but not just our baby, my little girls sibling, the future we had planned already, the joy and happiness another baby brings.. I lost a piece of myself, and so did my husband.



What her Project Robby Keepsake Set means to her

My Project Robby Keepsake Set means the world to me. It’s something tangible to prove my baby existed. My baby matters even if he gained his wings before we got to meet. This organization proves every life matters, no matter how small.


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