How are Project Robby Keepsake Sets Chosen?

When a Project Robby Keepsake Set goes out to a family who has requested it, it has been truly made, chosen, and packaged with love.

After a Project Robby  Keepsake Set has been requested, the request automatically gets added to our waiting list.

We have space on our request form for gestation, gender if known, and any special notes to aid us in choosing a Keepsake Set. Some of the things that we see in the special notes section has to do with colors or specific objects that the family associated with the baby. Many times though, they tell us that anything would be wonderful because they long to have something tangible to  hold onto.

I go through and personally read every single request that comes through. I read your name and your special notes. If you tell me about your baby, I read it. If you tell us your baby’s name, I say it out loud. There are many times that I cry as I read through some of the stories that come through because I personally know the heartbreak of loss.

My mom and I go through the hats, blankets, and angel wings that  our amazing volunteers send in. When picking out sets, we go through our sets to find the exact one that we think will be perfect for each recipient- keeping in mind what colors/objects/special notes or memories were written down in the special notes section.

Once we have chosen the perfect set and many times *sets* for the recipient, we sit down and write a note to the recipient of the Project Robby Keepsake Set. Each note we write is done with all of the love in our hearts.

Once the note has been written, the set(s) get folded and wrapped, it gets placed into the mailing bag, and then it moves to the stamping process. The process from request to shipping takes time. 

I know that our wait time might seem slightly excessive, but please know how much love goes into every single part of this process. 

Our volunteers are located all over the world, and we could not be more grateful to them and their dedication to Project Robby. They are all so generously giving of themselves, their time, their talents, their love, and their funds because they believe in the work that Project Robby is doing and they want to help heal hearts.  Our volunteers pour their heart and souls into the hats, blankets, and angel wings. I have so many women tell me that they pray over the items as they make them. Many of the women who make these beautiful items have either lost a baby, or have a close friend or family member who has lost a baby. You can look at the beautiful sets and see all of the love that these wonderful ladies have poured into them. Then, my mom and I pour all that we have into matching the perfect sets for the recipient.

To everyone who makes items for our Keepsake Sets: thank you! We know how much love,time, talent, and money goes into these projects, and we are truly thankful. 

To the women who are requesting sets, please know that there is so much  love in every single step of this process. We know that the wait time is long, but each and every Project Robby Keepsake is beautiful and unique in its own way. We do not require our volunteers to use specific patterns or even colors. If we were to have “standardized” sets, it would cut down on your wait time. However, we do not have our items “standardized” because we know that your baby was special and unique, and we want for your Keepsake Set to be representative of your beautiful, precious, loved baby.


Amanda ♥