4 Years of Project Robby

4 years ago today I very nervously published a blog post asking our friends to help us raise 50 tiny hats and 50 tiny blankets for the hospital where Robby was born. I wanted to use that donation as a way to honor Robby’s short life. I wanted to give other families enduring the heartbreaking loss of a child something appropriately sized for their baby. I wanted for the nurses at the hospital to not have to search high and low to find a hat that would come at least somewhat close to fit a baby born prematurely and who wouldn’t survive.


4 years ago I never would have dreamed the journey that we would go on because of that original blog post, and how it would change our lives.


We have met some of the most amazing people because of Project Robby. I have been connected with hundreds and even thousands of women who have also lost children. So many have shared their loss stories with me and we have not only cried together, but we have helped each other heal.   I have also been connected with some of the warmest, kindest, big hearted volunteers. Some of volunteers have had losses themselves, some volunteer because a family member or close friend has had a loss, and some who are volunteering just because they feel compelled to help.


In the last week alone, we have sent out over 100 sets of hats, blankets, and angel wings. When I published that blog 4 years ago I almost lowered the goal because I was afraid that we wouldn’t make it that goal. It is amazing what we are now doing on a weekly basis.


It is our mission through Project Robby to give parents who have lost a baby something special to hold onto when they are no longer able to hold their baby. We believe that all babies are special no matter how tiny, premature, or short their life here on Earth.


Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters who help us continue on with our mission.