What is the point of a pregnancy loss keepsake?

What is the point of a Keepsake Set

When looking at a tiny 6 week sized gestation hat that has been posted, we have been asked the question more than once:

What is the point of this?

We have also been asked:

A baby this size wouldn’t actually be able to wear this hat, so why would you ask people to spend their time and money to make and ship these, and why would these volunteers actually  do it?

Here is my answer:Yes, this tiny little hat might not look like much to some, but to the parents who will receive it, it symbolizes a life. It symbolizes the love that the parents  had and will forever continue to have for this precious little life that was gone too soon. It symbolizes the answered prayers, the morning sickness, the positive pregnancy test, and the hopes and dreams that these parents had for this life. Although this ittiest bittiest hat, blanket, and angel wing might look like not much to some people, to others it represents the life of a baby that was desperately wanted.

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