I Didn’t Just Lose a Pregnancy: Natalie

Natalie’s Story

We lost our first baby 6 years ago at 8 weeks.

We never got to meet him/her or even see him/her on an ultrasound. The one ultrasound I had showed no signs of a baby since I had already begun to miscarry.

The only confirmation we had was a positive pregnancy test. It was hard to grasp that our baby was truly apart of us but the next minute had left us so quickly.

Cue the tears. 2.5 years ago we went through a much more tragic, incomplete miscarriage. One that required hospitalization for 2-3 days.

I was 11 weeks 6 days pregnant but we had lost her at 8 weeks 6 days due to Turners Syndrome. This time we were blessed enough to meet our baby before we said goodbye. I was able to start the miscarriage at home which gave us the opportunity to meet her and hold her.

She was so beautiful and tiny. No matter how little they were when they were born, no matter their gestational age… They are still our babies. They are still loved beyond belief & missed SO much. We lost 2 parts of us. I don’t just tell people we have 3 littles, I tell them we have 5 because even though 2 are not with us, they will still always be.

What receiving her Project Robby Keepsake Sets mean to her

Receiving our Project Robby sets has helped me to cope with our losses.

I find peace whenever I look at them because I have something so beautiful and meaningful to remember them by.