I Didn’t Just Lose a Pregnancy: Kimmy

Kimmy’s Story:

Almost a year to the day apart we lost two babies in our first trimester. I went in for my first appointment to determine gestation and that’s when I was sent to a room and told my body was miscarrying. The next year we lost another baby around the same age as our first. This time it was at home and made a little more real. Both were very difficult to work through and I wonder every day who they would be and how they would play with their older and younger brother.

What her Project Robby Keepsake Set means to her:

Receiving this set has meant so much. I have a physical reminder that my babies existed. I have a shadow box with the set going into it so we can have it on the family photo wall to honor their existence. I can hold something to feel comfort and like I can connect it to my babies.