The Pattern Guidelines For Project Robby Donations

Our town has a wonderful little post office with the kindest and most helpful people! The other day I was talking with the ladies at the post office and they were commenting on the amount of boxes that have been coming in from our fantastic volunteers. While we were talking, one of the ladies asked me:

“ Is everything you receive the same pattern?”

We get this question often from people who are new to our group and wanting to crochet for us. So many people want to know what our pattern guidelines are for our Keepsake Sets and our Bereavement Sets.

Well, I told our post office ladies what I tell our amazing volunteers when they ask which is this:

We do not require any specific patterns for our blankets, our hats, or even our angel wings. At times, we ask for certain colors and sizes, but patterns are up to the individual who is making the items.

Her response was:

“ They are all special, just like the babies they are going to.”

I couldn’t have phrased it any better! With all of our Keepsake Sets and Bereavement Sets we send out an angel wing, a hat, and a blanket. That is as “set” as it is here at Project Robby.

Everything we send out is beautiful and special in its own way.

If you work at a hospital that would be interested in receiving Project Robby Bereavement Sets, contact us here.

If you have lost a baby, no matter the gestation- no matter how long ago, and would like to receive a Project Robby Keepsake Set, you can fill out our request form here.