I Didn’t Just Lose a Pregnancy: Tanner and Amanda Smith

During the month of October we will be featuring women who have received Project Robby Bereavement and Keepsake Sets in our “ I didn’t just lose a pregnancy” series on our website.


I wanted to start the series off by talking a little bit about my story, because “I didn’t just lose a pregnancy.”


Robert (Robby)  James Smith was born at 23 weeks gestation on February 24th, 2012. I went into preterm labor on the 20th, and labored with him in the hospital until my body could not hold out any longer. He lived for two precious hours in our arms before going to heaven. When Robby was born, the hospital did not have anything small enough to fit his perfect, yet very tiny little head, but the nurse did her best to find something that would come as close as possible to fitting. The hat that Robby wore was and continues to be one of my most treasured possessions. For a long time, I carried his hat around with me wherever I went. I slept with it, I even took it on the cruise that my mom and I went on with my grandmother shortly after Robby died. It brought me so much comfort to have something of his.


That hat is where the idea of Project Robby came from. When Project Robby was started, it was about me trying to find a way to honor Robby’s life. I wanted people to know that although Robby’s life was brief, his life mattered. What happened along the way is that it began to be about more. Project Robby began to transform into a way for me to help other women through the heartbreaking loss of their baby.


Project Robby isn’t just sending out beautifully handmade hats, blankets, and angel wings. Project Robby is about letting women know that their baby matters. It doesn’t matter how tiny your baby was, how premature your baby was, or how brief your baby was here with you.


I know first hand that pregnancy and infant loss is something that can be isolating. I want women to know that you are not alone.

I want women to know that it is okay to be sad, and it is okay to be angry.

It is okay to miss your baby.

It is okay to talk about your baby.


I am so thankful that Project Robby is reaching so many women, and that we are able to serve these women by letting them know that their baby matters.


At Project Robby we acknowledge that all losses are heartbreaking.

We acknowledge that your baby mattered no matter at what gestation they existed.

We don’t just say it, we believe it. Your baby matters. You didn’t just lose a pregnancy. It wasn’t just a “sad” or “unfortunate” thing that happened. You lost a tiny little life who will forever change you, and you deserve to know that your baby matters.


It is my hope that when a family receives their keepsake or bereavement set, that they are able to find at least a little bit of comfort as I did with the little hat that I have from Robby.


If you have received a set from Project Robby and would like to be featured, please fill out this form.